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“To contribute to poverty alleviation through provision of basic education, employable skill training and micro / small enterprise development leading to income generation and employment opportunities in a sustainable-way”.

Micro-Capital Grant Project Funded by UNDP


A Micro-Capital Grant Agreement has been signed between BEST-Pak and UNDP on December 4, 2015 to provide support to PDMA-PaRRSA for its Provincial Emergency Operations Center (PEOC). According to the signed agreement BEST-Pak is assigned to recruit 5 personn… Read More

WASH Project in Jalozai Camp Nowshehra

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The Government is committed to improve health and sanitation services to all citizens. In spite of the Government’s commitment and efforts, the magnitude of poverty-related communicable and water related diseases make it difficult for the Government….. Read More

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General Food Distribution Jalozai Camp Nowshehra


The consequences of the protracted conflict in Afghanistan and the resultant War on Terror had great ramifications for the people of the North-west of Pakistan. Home to the world’s extreme form of poverty, the Tribal Areas of Pakistan proved the ulti….. Read More

General Food Distribution Dera Ismail Khan


The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan has recently seen several rounds of displacement due to ongoing security operations. This was the biggest displacement when the War on Terror reached its peak in 2008-2009. It was the biggest. Read More

General Food Distribution South Waziristan


The decades lasting and protracted conflicts in Afghanistan and the resultant war on Terrorism has great consequences and has badly affected the KP in general and FATA in specific. As a result the tribal areas were declared the ultimate….. Read More

Standard Warehouse Management in FATA


BEST-Pak as an implementing partner of UN-WFP in providing ‘Standard Warehouse Management Services in FATA’.  Our warehouse is a planned space for the storage and handling of food and non-food items in an organized manner. In general, our warehouses are….. Read More

Protection of Critical Livestock Assets


After the Nato invasion of Afghanistan, the Afghan Taliban vanished. Some top leadership moved to Pakistan. Al Qaeda, too, found it safe to have refuge in Pakistan.The Pakistan Army moved to Khyber and Kurram Agencies in November 2001, to North Wazir….. Read More

General Protection Services to TDPs Project


In order to eliminate extremism and insurgency, military operation against insurgents has been launched in FATA’s North Waziristan Agency.  As a result, approximately more than 900,000 people were reportedly displaced and migrated to various regions…. Read More

Preparedness Recovery Emergency Project


UNDP keeping up the good traditions came forward to assist the PDMA and FDMA in their sincere endeavors of assisting the North Waziristan TDPs. The unfortunate part of the Army action in NW has resulted in mass displacement of the local population to….. Read More

General Food Distribution to NWA in Bannu


The militancy and military operation ‘Zarb-e-Azb’ against militants in North Waziristan Agency of FATA has displaced the local population to other safer areas of Pakistan. According PDMA statistics as of 15 July, 2014; 88,871 families have been regis….. Read More

Skill Enhancement Program for Minorities


The large and rapidly increasing population and low performance on various human development indicators, reflected in widespread poverty and lack of opportunities, pose a major challenge to the Government of Pakistan. Slow industrial growth has given….. Read More

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