Board of Directors

According to the constitution of BEST-Pak, Board of Directors is the supreme body and responsible for setting goals for the operations of the organization. Board of Directors is actively involved and provides technical support and feedback in the execution of program activities. Board of Directors reviews and approves annual plans, budgets and their implementation procedures for further implementation. BoD is responsible to conduct at least two meetings per calendar year. However, the present BoD holds meetings after each quarter in a regular manner. In these meetings the Board of Directors critically review progress of the ongoing projects progress towards its set goals. It identifies gaps and suggests remedial solutions to the Managing Director and project implementation teams to address these challenges. It also approves the Annual Audit Report of BEST-Pak and ensures that all the recommendations of the Audit Report are adhered in order to ensure financial and physical performance and compliance of the set rules regulation and set procedure.

BoD Chairman

In compliance with BoD, various committees including Audit Committee, Procurement & Assets Disposal Committee, Recruitment and Promotion Committee, Local Learning and Training Committee and Gender Committee were established. BoD regularly reviews the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and makes changes where necessary to improve the service delivery systems in an effective, transparent and countable manner. BoD also approves publication i-e Brochure, Assessment Reports and Annual Report. BoD members pay regular visits to the projects sites and take deep interest in the implementation of project activities.

Mr. Yousaf Riaz Khalil – Chairman

Seasoned Legal Expert and Advisor, Mr. Khalil is an extremely kind and sympathetic person. He is working for the poor and down-trodden in the society since long without even expecting any remuneration. He always takes lead in working for the noble cause at his own expense. He is providing legal assistance to those who cannot afford to hire lawyers for justice to be done. He is inspirational chairman of Board of Directors of BEST-Pak. He is extending his full cooperation and support and invaluable guidance to BEST-Pak. He is source of immense inspiration and support to BEST-Pak.

Ms. Shumaila Tabbasum – Vice-Chairperson

Ms. Shumaila Tabbasum is the Chief Executive of Centre for Skill Development (CSD) and also working as Programme Manager at HRDC (Human Resource Development Center) in Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences) Peshawar. Ms. Shumaila Tabbasum did her BSc in Home Economics with major subjects in Food & Nutrition from University of Peshawar; and also obtained a degree of Master of Business Administration (Executive) from University of Malakand. Ms. Shumaila is having multi sectorial expertise in different areas including Enterprise Development, Marketing Information System, Gender Based Governance System, Trainer & Facilitator, Monitoring and Marketing Information System. She remained as District Councilor under Government of KPK Peshawar and Served District Peshawar in capacity of District Member for two terms under Local Government System Ordinance in 2001. Elected in 2001 & 2005 LG election. She successfully attended and delivered more than 40 trainings at various levels in different thematic areas. She wrote different Books/Modules/Articles such as: Manual on Sports Business Management for UNDP peace Project, Technical Manual on Mosaic Marble for Pakistan Stone Development Corporation, Book on Marketing Information System for Beneficiaries of FFSP. She is supporting BEST-Pak by providing technical Guidancein micro enterprise development and other income generation related activities.

Mr. Syed Halim Shah – Member

Literary and well-recognized figure Syed Halim Shah is a famous name in the field of Technical & Vocation Training in Peshawar, and having more than 40 years of diversified experience. He graduated from University of Peshawar and also obtained Diploma in Electrical Engineering from GCT Peshawar. Mr. Shah received various Trainings abroad as well as inside the country in the sector of Technical & Vocation Training. He started his career in 1968 and remained at various Posts in several Training institutions in Pakistan. He remained as Advisor with GIZ Pak German Technical Training Program and also worked with SSEP (Swiss Project) for training of Workers. Presently he is working as a Director Skill Development Council Peshawar since 2007. His excellence and contribution in the field of Technical & Vocation Training and research have brought his recognition at the Province/Country levels. He has been providing technical support and shares his expert opinions with BEST-Pak Management time by time.

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad – Member

A highly motivated personality with outstanding academic record and excellent research abilities Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed obtained a PHD degree in computer science from University of Saarland Germany. He did his BS in Information Technology (IT) from University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar Pakistan with distinct position and awarded university Gold Medal and after this he did Msc in Computer Science from Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Germany.  Currently he is serving as an Assistant Professor in Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar. He has 07 international research publications and attended five international conferences over the last 05 years. In his capacity as Advisor  he  has  rendered  excellent  technical  assistance and also extended valuable support in quality Management. His association with BEST-Pak no doubt is of immense support and guidance at the right moments.

Mr. Muhammad Sher – Member

Mr. Sher originally hails from the remote, conflict- hit and extremely underdeveloped tribal area Mohmand Agency (FATA) Pakistan. He has widely traveled and has been educated and trained at prestigious national and international institutions across the globe.  He has specialized in projects related to Disaster and Conflict Management; Expert in DRR (Disarmament/Demobilization and Reintegration) and H.E.L.P (Health Emergencies in Large Population), Post Disaster and Post – Conflict Situation Management. Mr. Sher holds strategic and creative Management experience; he has proven abilities in negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution and capability to influence and communicate at all levels across political and cultural divides.