Director Message

The reporting period 2012 was equally challenging as we had to respond to the crises brought by conflict in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and by devastating floods in the province of Sindh. The professional and dedicated team of BEST-Pak responded to these challenges in a very prompt, strategic and professional  manner. It has been abundantly loud and clear to everyone, local and international communities that the working conditions in the region in which BEST-Pak has been working were exceptionally challenging and turbulent. But our belief in alleviating human suffering, defeating poverty and ignorance and mitigating the impacts of decades of war was the driving force to keep us on this perilous course. I would certainly like to mention that our successful and pragmatic interventions developed a trust relationship that positively impacted the behavior and perception of the communities towards NGOs in the region.  According to the feedback received from beneficiaries and other stakeholders the perception of the communities has significantly changed in trust building and acceptability of NGO in the region. This positive development in the community perception provides an opportunity for BEST-Pak to position itself and adopt strategic approach to its interventions to participate in social change i-e such as work on Peace and Development, Rights and Justice and Governance and Rule of Law programs in addition to its emergency and relief activities. In order to capacitate BEST-Pak and its staff members to undertake new initiatives and meet the rapidly increasing demands and challenges of communities, local organizations and donor agencies, we have developed systems and procedures for ensuring effective internal control mechanism, capacity building of staff members, establishment of committees for key functions with the view to bring efficiency, accountability and transparency in the interventions of BEST-Pak. The achievements made and successes registered in this report both in the regular progress, emergency services and early recovery project are indicative of the momentum we have maintained and the resolve and vigor we displayed in pushing our way through turbulent times in pursuit of a secure and prosperous life for the human kind. All these incredible achievements could not have been possible without the coherent cooperation and guidance from partner organization including Government organization, UN Agencies and the target communities. I greatly appreciate the untiring efforts and vigor of all members of the Board of Directors of BEST-Pak, our professional and dedicated team  in the achievements and successes of BEST-Pak with flying colors.