1.        Project Designing & Development

Project design and development section empowered with technical support from a pool of specialists / resource persons from different sectors to design and develop various project concepts, ideas, strategies for the project implementation, resource mobilizations, preparation of reports according to the donors requirements, project proposals, provide orientation and support to the newly appointed staff members, and provide technical inputs to the project implementing team.

2.        Program Implementation Section

Program Implementation Section is responsible for the effective, efficient and timely execution of project activities according to the guidelines set by the project document in the respective geographical areas. The Program Implementation Section records and disseminates information on Lessons Learnt and Good Practices to further replicate these models in other interventions.

3.        Human Resource Management & Development Section

BEST-Pak believes that its human resource is an asset and Human Resource Development is an integral part of its policies. BEST-Pak allocates reasonable amount in its annual budget for the training and development of its personnel to keep them motivated, updated on their knowledge and skills in order to improve their performance and contribute to their career development.

A. Admin section:

Headed by a competent Admin officer is taking care of all admin needs as well as full fledges Admin support to ongoing projects.

B. Security Wing:

Headed by an ex-services man (Army officer) is providing all type of security cover to BEST-Pak Staff in offices and in field. It also provides regular security training to staff members.

4.        Monitoring & Evaluation Section

BEST-Pak has established an independent Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Section. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of various projects activities provides management with better means for learning from past experience, improving services delivery, planning and allocating resources, and demonstrating results as part of accountability to key stakeholders. Within the organization there is a strong focus on results – this helps explain the growing interest in M&E.

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