UNDP keeping up the good traditions came forward to assist the PDMA and FDMA in their sincere endeavors of assisting the North Waziristan TDPs. The unfortunate part of the Army action in NW has resulted in mass displacement of the local population to Bannu, D I Khan, Tank and other cities of the province. They are feeling miserable being out of their home and at the mercy of many agencies, some of them not playing their role in a positive manner. Nevertheless, UNDP funded us to procure and provide some equipment to DDMO Lakki Marwat and staff to PDMA and FDMA in the discharge of their activities. Induction of staff and provision of equipment has since been completed and we are now just monitoring the duties performed by the inducted staff. The Project having been started on 10th July will come to an end on 31st December 2014

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