After the Nato invasion of Afghanistan, the Afghan Taliban vanished. Some top leadership moved to Pakistan. Al Qaeda, too, found it safe to have refuge in Pakistan.The Pakistan Army moved to Khyber and Kurram Agencies in November 2001, to North Waziristan in December 2001 and to South Waziristan in April 2002. The aim was to stop the influx of al Qaeda. However, a vast porous border could not be managed by the troops available at that time.It has been 12 years now since Pakistan has been facing the worst kind of terrorism. So far, approximately 50,000 civilians have lost their lives. Around one-third of Pakistan Army is engaged in fighting terrorism and has suffered more casualties than in wars. Kurram and Khyber Agencies of FATA is vastly damaged by military operations against insurgents. Massive displacements occurred due to these operations. IDPs were allowed to return back after the de-notification of the notified areas by the Government of Pakistan.

It was hard to earn livelihood for the returned DPs families as their agriculture land, agriculture infrastructure and livestock was destroyed. FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) takes the initiative to help them out to restore their agriculture and livestock with theassistance of BEST (Basic Education and Employable Skill Training) as their implementing partner.

Agriculture and livestock is the major source of livelihood in FATA. It was not possible for them to buy high quality seed due to financial reasons. The project was designed to provide Rabi and Kharif packages to support their livestock and agriculture to 24,365 returned DPs families of Khyber and Kurram agencies. The purpose was to help them resume their agriculture and livestock based livelihood. The input was provided to increase their agriculture output as well.

Objectives of the Project:

Improved food and nutrition security, and coping mechanisms of the most affected returned DPs in Khyber and Kurram by safeguarding, restoring and improving their agriculture and livestock assets.


  1. Farm agricultural and food household production restored in 18,510 most affected farming households by providing Kharif packages.
  2. Increased livestock production of 3,220 families (particularly women of childbearing age and children).
  3. Overall 9,350 crisis affected most vulnerable recently returned families to central Kurram and Tirah Khyber have resumed their agriculture and livestock activities.

Package Details:

Package Agency Tribe Package Type Number Of families
1 Kurram Alishezai, Para Chamkani Maize seed, NPK, Vegitable kit 6,350
2 Kurram Para Chamkani, Masozai Red bean seed, NPK, Vegetable Kit 6,150
3 Kurram Para Chamkani, Masozai Moung Seed, NPK, Vegetable Kit 3,860
4 Kurram Para Chamkani Kharif Fodder, NPK, Animal compound feed, UMB 2,220
5 Kurram Ali Sherzai Poultry 700
6 Khyber Tirah Maidan Maize seed, Vegetable Kit 2,150
7 Khyber Tirah Maidan Kharif Fodder, Animal compound feed 1000
UMB 2,220



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