The consequences of the protracted conflict in Afghanistan and the resultant War on Terror had great ramifications for the people of the North-west of Pakistan. Home to the world’s extreme form of poverty, the Tribal Areas of Pakistan proved the ultimate battle field for this war. Reaching its peak in 2008-2009, it caused the biggest Internal Displacement in the history of the country since partition. More than three million people were forced to abandon their homes and escape to safer areas. As a result of the military operation against  the militants majority  of  the  IDPs have  returned  to their  ancestral  homes,  the  people  from  Malakand division being the first, however military operations in other areas of FATA have not only halted the return process but also triggered new displacement from places like Khyber Agency. The population of North- West Pakistan has suffered from the largest displacement for the past eight years, with the phenomenon reaching its peak in 2009 when there were more than three million internally displaced people (IDPs) in the region due to the war against terrorism and extremism in Pakistan. By May 2010, the figures were down to one million, but returns since then have been offset by new displacements. The influx from Bara Tehsil in Khyber Agency had started in the last year due to the military operation and they were registered as IDPs in Jalozai camp.

This Emergency operation (EMOP) aims to reach IDPs whose food and nutrition security has been adversely affected by the armed conflict. Activities include general food distribution for the most vulnerable families and supplementary food distribution for children. It also aims to  reduce  malnutrition  caused  by  the  displacement  of  the  population  and  as  such  meets Strategic  Objective  of  the  WFP  Strategic  Plan:  “save   lives  and  protect  livelihoods  in emergencies”. The EMOP contributes to Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 1 “eradicate extreme poverty and hunger” and MDG 4 “reduces child mortality”.



Overall Objectives:


  • To Save lives and averts hunger of conflict-affected IDPs in and outside the camps.
  • To prevent malnutrition among infants, young children and pregnant and lactating women affected by armed conflict.

Specific Objectives:  

  • To ensure food security and nutritional status of IDPs, support their return and facilitate recovery.
  • To restore and stabilize the nutritional status of vulnerable populations in food-insecure areas.


  • The  recipients  received  8  Commodities  which  include  Wheat  Flour,  Yellow  Split  Pulses, Vegetable Oil, HEB, Salt, RUSF, Rice and  Dates UAE package in Jalozai Camp Point 1.
  • The aggregate of “12456.856” tonnage food was distributed among the IDPs  families who are residing in Jalozai Camp Point  1 and Point 2 which comprises of Wheat Flour 7420.984, MT Yellow Split Pulses 997.288, MT  Vegetable Oil 528.714, MT H.E.B 297.978, MT Salt 140.326, MT Plumpy Doze  ,(RUSF) 136.851 MT Rice 2909.811 MT and Dates 24.904 MT.




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