I. Project Background:

According to the PC-1 singed with the FATA Secretariat for PRRO 200250, WFP will provide food commodities to three departments i.e., Health, Education and Agriculture/Hujra/BEST. Here, BEST as an implementing partner of UN-WFP in providing ‘Standard Warehouse Management Services in FATA’.  Our warehouse is a planned space for the storage and handling of food and non-food items in an organized manner. In general, our warehouses are focal points for commodities and information flow between sources of supply and beneficiaries.

II. Scope of Work:

BEST provides Warehouse Management Services in FATA which includes the following activities: Furthermore, BEST is not involved in any kind of transportation and distribution of commodities.

  • Receiving food commodities and non-food items from WFP;
  • Proper storage of the food commodities and non-food items;
  • Maintenance conducive environment for commodities storage ;
  • Safety and security of food commodities and non-food items at warehouse;
  • Dispatch to relevant stakeholder by following standard operating procedures;
  • Daily reporting to WFP;
  • Standard Documentation;
  • Coordination with stakeholders;

III. Other Partners of WFP in PRRO:

Beside BEST, the following are the partners of WFP in PRRO 200250 in FATA:

WFP Transport Contractor: The WFP transport contractor ‘Al-Khalil Enterprises’ is involved in the transportation of commodities from BEST warehouse to the designated locations provided by Education Deptt:, Health Deptt: and Hujra.

Hujra NGO: Hujra is the implementing partner of WFP in FFW Project.

Line Departments: Education and Health Departments are the partners of WFP in Education and Health.

PAIMAN: PAIMAN is the partner of WFP for conduction independent monitoring of the whole PRRO200250 in overall FATA.

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